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This community is for women in the military and anyone interested in the subject of women in the military. It will frequently feature discussion about women in combat, as well as discussing the history of women in the military and tips on joining the military and what to expect. It is a true community of women helping each other.

That said, sometimes things get a little out of whack, so here are the rules:

Do NOT post rude comments about women in the military. If you are against women in the military or women in combat, intelligent arguments are encouraged. Sexual comments and sexist rhetoric will not be tolerated.

Do NOT delete comments that you did not make, your own comments, or your entry. Just because LJ lets you do it doesn't make it right. If you do this, you will get a warning and if you do it again, you will be banned.

Do NOT call people names beyond the normal inter-service joking. You can call me a zoomie, but you can't call me a pussy.

While inter-service rivalry is fine, there will be no tolerance for bashing of other services. Each service has it's place and is important to the success of the other services. No service can stand alone. So, just don't do it.

No posting on the mainboard in order to draw ire of others onto another LJ user. In other words, don't post that so-and-so (journal linked) did such-and-such and isn't she a horrible person. This has been called a TOS violation in other communities and LJ Abuse can be weird about that kind of thing. I do NOT want this community suspended.

Do NOT advocate that someone looking to join the military lie about their medical history, legal history, or otherwise. Help the person find a waiver for it if applicable for the branch they are looking to join, however, if there isn't one, there isn't one. Advocating someone not disclose something that is a part of their history could possibly have serious consequences for that person not just physically/mentally/legally, but professionally/personally/financially, as well.

All advertisement posts must be approved by a mod. If you post an advertisement and you have permission from a mod, please note who approved it on your post. If you post an advertisement without asking for approval, your post will be deleted. If you do it a second time, you will be banned. If you seek approval and approval is denied but you post it anyway, the post will be deleted and you will be banned.

While family members, friends, spouses, and significant others are welcome in this community, this community is largely for women in the service. This is not an appropriate community for you to come to alleviate your fears about your significant other possibly cheating on you while they are deployed. Please do not make such posts.

If you have ANY problem with ANY other user, LET ONE OF THE MAINTAINERS KNOW. I am whiskeygirl8. You can contact me at whiskeygirl8@livejournal.com. rockahulababy is the other maintainer. She can be contacted at rockahulababy@livejournal.com. Do not contact either of us at our personal journals. Any problems referencing this community need to be directed to either the open post on womenwarriormod or to either of our LiveJournal email addresses. All comments left on our journals about this community will be deleted unread.

A few maintenance notes:

Tags Use them. They will be helpful to new people coming in who want information. Also, the introduction tag is a catchall for all introduction posts. These posts tend to have a lot of really good information in them. Most of them have so much good information in them, the tag list would be almost as long as the post, so I elected to just tag them as "introduction".

If you are new and wish to find information, introduction posts and other tagged posts are a good way to get that information. Please try that before asking a question. However, if these do not adequately answer your questions or you feel things may have changed since the last time the subject was discussed, feel free to post anyway. No one will be bothered by it.

Not all posts are tagged. I attempted to keep the tags relevant to the community. On that note, I don't have a problem with off topic posts. I prefer they remain untagged, though. The tags are for informational purposes.

Commenting: If you are not a member here or choose to comment anonymously, your comment will be screened. As long as the comment is not inflammatory, then I don't have a problem with it being unscreened. I prefer it be unscreened if it is informational. If your comment remains screened for a while, you are welcome to contact me to unscreen it. If you have an LJ, joining will fix this problem. It is moderated membership, but I'm not strict about it. Chances are you will be let in.

Community Cleaning: I periodically go through and clean out deleted accounts. If you have deleted your account, you should know that if you reinstate it, you may have to re-join the community.

Please Note: If you apply to this community and you were rejected and feel that we were wrong for rejecting you, please use the public entry located at womenwarriormod (or just click here) to explain. That entry can also be used if there is an issue with the community.