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Trying to think about what might happen in the future. I feel so filled with fear. The closer I get to applying for orders the more positive I am that I'm going to get completely screwed. I think the detailer has a *screw the preggos* button written unofficially into the manual for the job. I've just seen so many post-partum chicks get shafted. I think it's okay to be terrified.

I've got five or six more days until the window opens up again and I can actually see what's available. I'll be praying.

Today I wrote my eval, another thing I'm a little nervous about. So far it doesn't look half bad. It was one of those things where I would start writing and then remember something else that I did, but forgot about. Not a half bad assortment of useless shit. Hopefully I'll pull an MP out of it, though to be honest I'm not really expecting anything more than a P. This pregnant year hasn't exactly been my best performance on the job.

And don't even get me started on dealing with the cost of daycare.

This new year, it just seems like there are way to many things that I have to look at and "hope for the best, but expect the worst."
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