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Getting Tired of This...

So, I was reading this week's Army Times, and found this delightful letter to the editor. I can't find it online, so I'll reproduce it to share: I find the question regarding the female soldier refusing to deploy because the lack of a family care plan not only discriminating but outright ridiculous. The Army regulation on family care plans is black and white and if the Army even considers any favoritism because the soldier is a female then the whole regulation needs to be rewritten.

In March 2003, my ex-wife left me, leaving me without a family care plan and set to deploy to Iraq. The question to me was "Find your ex, give the kids back and go to war...or get out." There was no question of me being a single father with three children. Why is there consideration for this specialist? Why is the Army allowing female soldiers to remain in the Army by getting pregnant out wedlock?

We have single female soldiers getting pregnant and I believe because they know they only won't have to deploy, but they get more uniforms. tennis shoes and months of convalescent time. Don't get me wrong, to female soldiers who are married and are trying to build a family, God bless and best of luck. But the single females getting pregnant should be separated for destruction of government property, and breach of contract being unable to fulfill their obligation to the Army. I recently reclassed and while in AIT three soldiers got pregnant and laughed stating they won't have to go to war now. As long as the Army condones this, others will have to take up the slack of these so-called soldiers.

So the question is, what should the Army do now? Stick to the policies and regulations that are in place for every soldier in the Army and make her deploy, or if she is in her first enlistment, give her a general discharge and a handshake and make her take responsibility for her actions. Anything else would be a disgrace.

The writer is a SSG at Fort Carson.

I'm not sure which is worse - the "I got screwed, so should she" attitude or the implication get pregnant for more uniforms, TENNIS SHOES, and MONTHS of convalescent leave. Never mind that he's wrong about MONTHS, unless he's counting the six months exemption from the APFT. Or maybe it's the implication that unwed single soldiers should keep their legs shut. Never mind that he should have been given the thirty day period, deployment or not. Never mind that I bet no male soldiers would be charged for destroying government property in these cases.

But I think I'm going to go with my favorite - one woman's shortcoming is held against all of us. Because he's seen some female soldiers act like idiots, we're all idiots. It's like the XKCD comic that's funny until you realize it's NOT funny because it's true. I'm actually mad enough to write back. I'm tired of this BS. I'm a single mom, and a senior NCO, and tired of this attitude.

(Posting to my personal journal also in slightly different form, so you may see it twice.)

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