Elentari (ladyelentari) wrote in womenwarriors,

promotion board

Woo, I rocked the board and came out with 149 of 150pts. See, our SgtMaj likes to let people prove themselves, and if you come in there and are confident, say the NCO Creed word-perfect and loud as you can, and are precise in your uniform and facing movements, then they let you out of there without even asking you any questions at all. If you are nervous or stumble on the creed, that's when they grill you. I was nervous, but not visibly so, and so I got out of there after just doing the Creed, my bio, and the facing movements. :) It was almost a let down after how hard I studied, lol. But I'm just relieved it's over with and I can now focus on the field problem we're currently involved in. Thank you to all who gave me tips on my last entry.
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