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Time off for kids

I'm in a 3 deep shop, one person is deployed. The other was out all last week on quarters. This week, she was out today because her son has a feaver. And I've already been told by our supervisor that she'll be out tomorrow because her son still has a feaver. She is not a single mom, yes her husband works also, but only at the commissary.

I would never even think about asking to stay home because my son is sick. When my husband starts working again he'd have to call in and stay home, that's just the way things work. Sure if he'd been home for a couple of days I may ask to take one day so he can make an appearance at work. She's always getting time off for her kids, it's not like this is the first time either. Even when her husband wasn't working, she was getting time off to take them to medical appts on base (and they live on base, have two cars, and live in very easy walking distance since its a very small base). She's also had time off to take them on field trips, and brings them into work all the time. And she even comes in late every day to get them off to school (also on base), she's supposidly staying late, but I haven't really seen her staying late very often.

I really thought I would understand this getting time off for the kids once I became a mom, but I'm still baffled. This isn't the only base that I've seen this phenomenon occuring at either. I feel like I am getting the shaft because I have a spouse that will take care of things when they need doing.

I just had to vent, I really don't expect this to be fixed, and I really don't feel like complaining to our supervisor as while it is frustrating I don't see it as an issue worth complaining about to him.
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